How to develop a home yoga practice

How to develop a home yoga practice

Yoga has become a part of our everyday lives (especially here at chaYkra) but how do we take our practice outside of the studio and into our home?

First we need to start by creating a space for our practice. Think about what types of studios you really enjoy going to. Maybe you like practising with inspirational quotes on the wall or maybe you prefer to be surrounded by candles and crystals. Either way take this into consideration when preparing your space. Find a room that’s as free of distractions as possible, lay down your mat and find yourself a great playlist.

The next step is to schedule in some time to practise in your space. Whether this is once a week or 10 minutes every day, make sure it’s feasible for you. Some days you might feel like moving through a delicious flow and others you might feel like just sitting with your breath but know that this is your practice. It’s also worth thinking about what time of day works best for you - if you’re an early riser try scheduling some time before you head to work or perhaps you prefer to practise last thing at night.

Now it’s time to get some flow inspiration. If you’ve been practising in a studio you might already have an idea of what moves you prefer but putting them together into a sequence may flaw you. Try starting with some sun salutations and work in your chaturanga practice as you start flowing. Alternatively try an online yoga practice - a chaYkra favourite is ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ - or search YouTube for the chakra you want to work. Maybe a heart opening practice to bring joy into your life or hip openers for when you want to release emotions.

All that’s left to do is to, well, practice! Now you’ve set up your space it’s time to stick to your routine. But if life gets in the way don’t beat yourself up - after-all yoga is all about self love and appreciation - take each day as it comes and get back on the mat when you can.

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