5 best yoga poses for digestion

5 best yoga poses for digestion

Hands up if you struggle with bloating after a meal? We can all suffer from a ballooned belly when we’ve eaten too much but if it’s causing you pain and discomfort then it’s worth looking to the cure for all ailments - yoga! Did you know that there are several poses that can help you to decrease stomach bloating by increasing the circulation and energy to your digestive system. Through yoga we’re able to soothe the sympathetic nervous system and decrease our stress levels which helps us to rest and digest our food. So take a look at chaYkra’s favourite asanas below for your post dinner relaxation.

  1. Apanasana - this asana is affectionately known as the ‘wind-relieving pose’ but that means it can massively help with any (ahem) digestion issues. Start by hugging your knees into your chest and move the right knee in tighter to massage the belly followed by the left knee. Move between both knees a few times and repeat each evening after dinner to feel the benefits.

  2. Twists - you’ve probably heard your yoga teacher waxing lyrical about the benefits of twisting for your system so make sure you take their advice! Twisting is a way of compressing the colon and when you do it from right to left it’s a great tool to aid digestion. It’s also a really detoxifying move as it allows the toxins present in your body to move through the stomach in a soothing way instead of accumulating and becoming stagnant - another problem that can cause bloating.

  3. Balasana - also known as the fail safe child’s pose. Leaning back and compressing your stomach and abdomen is another way to massage your internal organs which in turn helps to stimulate your digestive system. Try to take long deep breaths when you’re in this pose as this will help to push your stomach into your legs and deepen the massage.

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