A note from the sister founders

Our differing backgrounds and complementary knowledge sets inspired us to launch this entrepreneurial venture. Since we both have experience of high-pressure corporate jobs, we recognise the importance of lifestyle balance and investing in 'de-stress' time through activities like meditation and yoga.

We had a vision of creating a yoga clothing brand combining comfort and style, whilst paying homage to yoga’s Indian roots and our heritage. chaYkra reflects our ‘Brindian’ identity, infusing classic British elegance with Indian vibrancy and colour. All our clothes are made from breathable fabric and are super soft & comfy to help you relax and have a truly energising yoga practise!

We decided on our brand name in honour of the sanskrit word 'chakra' which relates to the spinning wheels of energy within the body. The seven letters reflect the seven chakras of the body. We added a 'Y' to balance out the word, a dual symbol for both 'yoga' and 'you'. Yoga balances chakra energy flows and gives valuable time for self-reflection.

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit work ‘yug’, meaning ‘to join together.’ This principle is one of the key anchor values of our brand. Everyone involved in our production process is important to us and we want consumers to feel a connection with the source of their garments. In fact, a key motivation behind the brand’s creation was our desire to help the Indian community. We are committed to the principles of fair trade and have gone to great lengths to ensure the materials and factories we use uphold the highest of ethical standards. We hope our brand values resonate with others. When you choose to wear chaYkra clothes you are making a choice for sustainable, high quality and stylish yoga-wear.