The chaYkra story: From a dream to reality

The chaYkra story: From a dream to reality

Despite having worked in the corporate world for many years, I felt compelled to start my own business to satisfy my entrepreneurial spirit. I often wrote ideas down in a notebook & found myself daydreaming at my work desk about business innovations that could help make a positive difference to people's lives. Now that I have finally taken the plunge with my entrepreneurial dream, I can direct full focus on to translating my dreams into realities. It has taken a long time, been a steep learning curve but i could not feel more fulfilled and excited about the journey ahead! Here are my top tips that I have thus far learnt with chaYkra for anyone wanting to bring their visions and dreams closer to reality:

  1. Commit thoughts to paper. Putting a pen to paper and writing down your thoughts will help to structure ideas.
  2. Mind Map the concept. I am quite a visual person and like to see connections between ideas. Mind mapping is a fantastic technique to help you ‘connect the dots’ and plan a holistic brand strategy idea which feeds into effective storytelling of a concept.
  3. Soundboard your idea with others. By attending industry events and co-working spaces, you can network with many people in your chosen sector, contacts through which invaluable market / idea insight and feedback can be gained.
  4. Magic formula: 1% Inspiration + 99% perspiration. Having an idea is just the start. You need to be passionate and believe in your idea with full conviction. Channel your reserves of tenacity because you will need to tap into them as you travel down the exciting but challenging path ahead.
  5. Visualise success. I am a big believer in positive thinking. Your thoughts can materialise into reality so be aware of your thinking patterns and dream big, while envisaging future possibilities as the present!

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  • BBA on

    Well done Priya and congratulations on finally taking this bold step.

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