How we developed our chakra energy signature print

How we developed our chakra energy signature print

The design process for the launch collection was a long, (at times arduous!) learning path. We worked with several designers to try and create a strong launch collection signature style. Growing up I was always mesmerised by the shape of the elephant trunk, highly symbolic in Indian culture as representative of the revered elephant god Ganesh said to symbolise Good Fortune. I wanted that shape translated to our collection since I believe it speaks to the heart of Indian culture.

Also, given our brand name stemming from chakras, we also wished for the design to be indicative of energy flows. We were fortunate enough to work with a very talented Spanish designer, Iñaki Serna, who was able to bring to life our vision in a fusion Indo-Western way. The result represents the beautiful swirl as homage to the magnificent elephant, in addition to representing the free flowing chakra energy wheels as life centres in our body. The design is creatively simple and yet represents so much that is rich in Indian culture. It has evolved to be our signature print featuring on many of the launch collection items. 

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