Our Values and Ethics


chaYkra's brand identity and clothes represent a fusion of British style and Indian vibrancy. The essence of chaYkra is a creative expression of the founders 'Brindian' identity.


A unity between the body, mind and spirit is central to the philosophy of yoga. This ethos is mirrored by chaYkra through our encouragement of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. By sharing information through our blog and newsletter, we hope to be a guiding hand in your personal wellness journey.


The meaning behind the brand name is energy since we want to inspire others to consciously manage their own chakras. Yoga, through empowering you to achieve internal balance can help to develop an invigorating and positive aura.


Every decision we make is with ‘you’ in mind. We want our clothing range to reflect you and your wellness aspirations. We believe that by wearing natural fabrics you will be more comfortable and effective during your practice.


The brand was founded out of a desire to do good, to give back to India for giving the world the gift of yoga, as well as promoting a feel good factor. When you choose chaYkra you are not only making a choice for stylish high quality garments, you are also supporting a brand committed to ethical practices and positive energy.


From sourcing to production to wear, we ensure all those involved in the extended chaYkra family are treated well and paid a fair wage. The idea of respecting the rights of the extended chaYkra family is close to our hearts and a value we are determined to always uphold.


We seek to be true to the energising spirit of yoga, embedding this philosophy within our business foundations and bringing it to life through the design of our garments.