Fast versus Slow - Fashion & Nature

Fast versus Slow - Fashion & Nature

Our year so far should act as a wake-up call to finally get serious about the climate crisis. With the devastating forest fires that kicked off this year in Australia & then the tragic COVID pandemic it has really got us thinking about humans relationship with nature and the environment. We actually live in a world of non-renewable resources, yet we tend to consume as if there is an unlimited supply of resources. 

The lockdown period has forced us to slow down & to really appreciate things that we are often too hard pressed and busy to notice. We have been taking solace in the small things in life for example, mindfully enjoying a hot drink in the morning as well as exploring all of the beautiful parks & nature nearby, that we sadly so often take for granted. It has also made us conscious that we need to do more as a brand to raise awareness of the environmental impacts of the Fashion industry.

Sustainability is high on the fashion agenda at the moment, with the industry under pressure to reduce it's impact on the environment. Fashion is widely known to be one of the most polluting industries with fast fashion in particular a huge culprit. Whilst this fast fashion business model allows us to shop for new trends & styles at affordable prices, it comes at an environmental cost.  

So what can we do to change practices within the fashion industry? Slow fashion has to be the future. Carl Honoré the author of "In Praise of Slow" encourages us to give value to our products and to think more about their connection with the environment. Rather than focusing on the concept of speed, this slow movement involves respecting materials and people. It involves conscious purchasing of garments that focus on ecological materials, ethical manufacturing & fair wages. It encourages the use of fibers from organic, natural, up-cycled and natural materials. Consumers can make an impact by supporting brands who embrace this Slow fashion philosophy.

At chaYkra, we are committed to sustainable fashion. We are constantly seeking to improve and to play our part in preserving the planet for future generations. It's too important a cause to ignore! In the words of the German embryologist, Ernst Haeckel; "Man is not above nature, but in nature." 

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