Being mindful at grocery shopping time & planning ahead!


I am the first to admit I have a tendency to over-indulgence in unhealthy items when I am standing in the supermarket aisles after attending a yoga or high cardio workout class. This got me thinking about the importance of mindset at the point of food purchase.

Every-day food shopping trips and decisions are often triggered by pangs of hunger. This however can be overly costly both to pocket as well to the waistline. I am sure many of you, post an exercise class, are too tired to contemplate even stepping food in a supermarket let alone the kitchen! Then the easy option if of course a takeaway. Just being more aware of when you are making those shopping decisions can be so important to improving health and nutrition.

My top tip: Try and do your supermarket shopping when you are feeling relatively full, for instance directly after breakfast during the weekend. You will make much more considered and rationale choices for a healthy diet at those times.

My (other) top tip: Plan your meal ahead of time if you are committed to evening exercise classes, for instance by preparing a soup or salad the day before. That way you won’t fall into the all-too-easy temptation trap of indulging in an unnecessary outside meal option for convenience sake!

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